Manufacturing Day

Creators Wanted

Inspiring The Next Generation Of Manufacturers

Manufacturing Day is the first Friday of October.  It provides an opportunity for manufacturers to open their doors and address common misconceptions about the modern manufacturing industry.  In coordinated efforts with community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and local schools, manufacturers provide tours and educate the public on the skilled labor shortages across the nation and position manufacturing as an attractive and viable career path.  This event makes it possible for manufacturers to take charge of their own public image and ensure the prosperity of the entire industry.

Throughout the week leading up to Manufacturing Day, the industry is tasked with hosting events and tours to job seekers, students, parents, teachers, and counselors to showcase available careers and what it takes to qualify for various positions within their organizations.  Collectively, these efforts spotlight local industrial needs, their reliance on a skilled local workforce, and the ability to strengthen and expand relationships with local educators and technical schools.

Save the date for 2020 Manufacturing Day – October 2nd