Every Day is Manufacturing Day

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Inspiring The Next Generation Of Manufacturers

Manufacturing Day is the first Friday of October and launches a full month of highlighting manufacturers in our region. It provides an opportunity for manufacturers to provide a glimpse into their operations and address common misconceptions about the modern manufacturing industry. In coordinated efforts with communities and organizations, like Chambers of Commerce and local high schools, manufacturers have provided videos and classroom resources to educate students and the general public on the skilled labor shortages across the nation and our own region, highlighting positions in manufacturing as an attractive and viable career path. These activities make it possible for manufacturers to highlight their operations and shape their own public image to ensure the prosperity of the entire industry by reaching out and educating future leaders like you, the student.

This year, for #MFGDay20, we have partnered with regional businesses, high schools, technology and training centers, and communities to highlight the processes and people that make up high-tech manufacturing and business. Manufacturing Day 2020 is hosted in collaboration with the MOKAN Partnership, a regional economic development collaborative service of southwest Missouri, northeast Oklahoma, and southeast Kansas.

What is Modern Manufacturing?

Manufacturing has undergone a dramatic shift in today’s industry, providing opportunities to design and build America’s future in high-demand, high-tech, and high-skill careers. Modern manufacturing also provides opportunities to develop specialties such as process design and operations, management, technology, and multiple engineering fields. New jobs in modern manufacturing extend beyond shop floors and laboratories into board rooms and offices, state-of-the-art tech centers, and even your living room. Everything we use today requires skilled doers to invent, market, distribute, and maintain products and materials.

Take advantage of these resources to empower the next generation of creators. Get your foot in the door, and take a step up the ladder of success.

What Is Manufacturing To You?

Manufacturing companies seek to continually reduce long supply chain timelines and costs to increase market responsiveness to their products. As a result, many companies seek suppliers and resources closer to their manufacturing facilities. That means the products that are made right here, are made with materials that are made here, from agricultural products grown here, and natural resources mined or harvested, all right here. All created and made in companies just down the road and by your neighbors right next door. Flavored drinks, cookie dough, cheese, cereal, microwave dinners, cookies, snacks; wire harnesses for jet fighters, batteries for aerospace, motors for satellites, casings for ammunition, insulation for homes and buildings; the products are endless and so are the employment opportunities.

Manufacturing Career Partners – A Clear Path

Joplin Manufacturing

Crowder College Training

Refresco Beverages

General MIlls

Tamko Building

JM Farms

Leggett & Platt

ZAF Energy Systems

Blue Buffalo Pet


Branco Construction

Schreiber Foods

Missouri Southern