Manufacturing Day

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Inspiring The Next Generation Of Manufacturers

Manufacturing Day is the first Friday of October. It provides an opportunity for manufacturers to open their doors and address common misconceptions about the modern manufacturing industry. In coordinated efforts with community organizations, like the Chamber of Commerce and local schools, manufacturers provide tours and educate the public on the skilled labor shortages across the nation and position manufacturing as an attractive and viable career path. This event makes it possible for manufacturers to take charge of their own public image and ensure the prosperity of the entire industry.

This year, for #MFGDay20, we are partnering with regional businesses, high schools, technology and training centers, and communities to highlight the processes and people that make up high-tech manufacturing and business. Manufacturing Day 2020 is hosted in collaboration with the MOKAN Partnership, a regional economic development collaborative service of southwest Missouri, northeast Oklahoma, and southeast Kansas.

What is Modern Manufacturing?

Manufacturing has undergone a dramatic shift into today’s industry, providing opportunities to design and build America’s future in high-demand and high-skill careers. Modern manufacturing also provides opportunities to develop specialties such as operations, management, technology and engineering. New jobs in modern manufacturing extend beyond shop floors and laboratories into offices, state-of-the-art tech centers, and even your living room. Everything we use today requires skilled doers to invent, market, distribute, and maintain.

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What Is Manufacturing To You?

As regional manufacturing companies seek to continually reduce long supply chain timelines and costs to increase market responsiveness, many companies seek suppliers closer to their manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing Career Options

Our regional manufacturing industry is a diversified field that includes jobs ranging from production workers to purchasing agents and sourcing of products, resources, and materials. The top two occupations in manufacturing are team assemblers and machinists. The third most populous occupation, which may be thought of as quality control employees, includes inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers, and weighers. Many of these jobs, even at entry-level, offer higher-than-minimum wages and benefits including vacation, medical, and sick time.

Required Education High school diploma or GED
Other Requirements On-the-job training and voluntary certifications available
Projected Job Growth (2019-2024)* 2% for machinists and tool and die makers; 3% for machinists
Median Salary (2019)* Approx. $39,000 annually for machinists

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics