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Mentoring is development driven and takes a holistic approach to career and personal development for professionals seeking the advice and experience of others. Engaging in this experience with other professionals allows you to grow by shared experiences, pooled knowledge, and organic team building. By matching mentors and mentees, group members can maximize the mutual benefits of mentoring. In order for us to best place mentees, we ask that you complete the following form.

Mentors – Professional Development


Lori Scott Dreiling

Pittsburg State University
Peggy Fuller

Peggy Fuller

Southwest Missouri Bank

Dr. Tracy Godfrey

Lori Marble

Lori Marble

vicky 2019 photo

Vicky Mieseler

Ozark Center
Dr. Moss

Dr. Melinda Moss

Joplin Schools

Mentors – Entrepreneurship

Mark Quinn

Mark Quinn

Spink & Company

Travis Chase

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