Choose Joplin

Don’t miss out on living your purpose.

Welcome to Joplin! We are a thriving, diverse community of dreamers and doers who belong. United by the fun of living our purpose. Joplin is where entrepreneurs come to build thriving businesses. Leveraging our low cost of living, transportation infrastructure, and the moxy of our regional workforce, businesses large and small choose Joplin to base their regional, national, and international operations. From national leaders in trucking, building products, and food production, to emerging e-commerce and tech startups, Joplin offers a supportive business community and a culture of innovation.

Joplin is proud of its nearly 150 years of rich history. Our revitalized downtown district features nearly 250 historic buildings, a testament to Joplin’s zinc and lead mining boomtown era of stunning growth and prosperity. Later, Joplin became a key part of America’s lore when the historic Route 66 came through town. The Joplin area has been home to the famous and infamous. Mickey Mantle, Thomas Hart Benton, Langston Hughes, George Washington Carver, and even Bonnie and Clyde have added to the patina of our historic town. Joplin has transformed into an affordable, livable version of the urban lifestyle that offers viable career, entrepreneurial, and educational opportunities, burgeoning music and cultural venues, bike trails and walkable streets, and robust culinary and coffee scenes.

Progress fueled by genuine people rolling up their sleeves and making it happen, with grit and creativity. Whatever your passion or purpose, it can happen in Joplin.